Apr 28, 2009

Old Tree

so much life happens under the bark.

Apr 22, 2009

Stages to completing a page

Stage 4 Finished drawing
I added some more elements like the floor and pendant lamps. So i think it's done! now on to the next page . . .

Stage 3
Shadow and light
Image is transfered and I'm beginning to block in shadow and light. Sometimes i get carried away and start some detail, but really i try to leave that sort of thing last.

Stage 2
Getting the characters drawn and placed within the illustration
I want all the animals to feel like they are interacting with one another, but i also don't want to make the room too jumbled and confusing.

Stage 1 Getting the reference
This can take me longer then the actual drawing part.

Feb 24, 2009

Springs Studio's 17th birthday

I'm going to be apart of a group show celebrating the 17th year that the studio has been open. It's very wonderful to take part in this celebration because this place means so much to so many artists in New York.

Spring Studio was started by artist Minerva Durham in 1992 and it continues to be the best place to draw

I thought i would show an older drawing that i did when i first started attending the different drawing sessions.
17 years of Spring
Group Exhibition: Febuary 22 - March 21
Reception: Sunday, Febuary 22, 6-9 pm

Feb 10, 2009

from bad to good

Thought I would show how my drawings can start off really bad and then get better. It's funny to see the difference. Sometimes I will have to redo a face or a hand like 10 times before I get something I like.

Jan 8, 2009

Pictures of some plants I am growing

Here are three beautiful displays of what is going on at my windowsill right now! I'm a wannabe horticulturist (a trait I get from my mom) and a bit of a "photog". I just love the contrast between darkness and vibrant color. I love the light breathing through the petals. And I like using a low aperture so that the depth of field is so shallow that the street car lights appear as colorful shapes. Hope you enjoy

The Amarilis Bulb

A Clivia flowers

baby orchids