Feb 24, 2009

Springs Studio's 17th birthday

I'm going to be apart of a group show celebrating the 17th year that the studio has been open. It's very wonderful to take part in this celebration because this place means so much to so many artists in New York.

Spring Studio was started by artist Minerva Durham in 1992 and it continues to be the best place to draw

I thought i would show an older drawing that i did when i first started attending the different drawing sessions.
17 years of Spring
Group Exhibition: Febuary 22 - March 21
Reception: Sunday, Febuary 22, 6-9 pm

Feb 10, 2009

from bad to good

Thought I would show how my drawings can start off really bad and then get better. It's funny to see the difference. Sometimes I will have to redo a face or a hand like 10 times before I get something I like.